Capabilities & Experience

A significant portion of Modulus Technology’s business comes from its function as the service and repair centre for all companies within the AAE Technologies Group.  Primarily focussed on maintaining equipment manufactured by Applied Acoustic Engineering (AAE), the company undertakes everything from minor repairs to major overhauls of AAE’s subsea transponders, USBL acoustic tracking systems and release transponders, as well as the complete range of geophysical survey systems and high voltage components.  All maintenance work is carried out and certified by factory trained technicians with many years of experience working with AAE products.

The knowledge gained from specialising in this field, coupled with a proficiency in many design and engineering disciplines across a wider industrial area, gives MT’s technicians the capability to take on bespoke design and build projects for an assortment of industries and applications.  The following examples feature  among the growing number of projects successfully undertaken:

  • High-voltage solar powered seismic energy sources used in long deployment geophysical surveys carried out in remote areas without access to an external electricity supply.
  • Acoustic load monitoring equipment for offshore cranes and other lifting applications.
  • Subsea pressure housings, designed, built, pressure tested and certified by the company, and capable of depth deployment to 6000 metres.
  • Power sources for land based borehole geophysical survey systems.
  • Subsea magnetic release transponders used in the fishing industry.
  • Acoustically controlled actuators for the remote operation of solenoids, particularly within the dredging industry.
  • Submersible GPS receivers used in the underwater trenching and cabling industry.

All specialised concepts carried out by MT are assigned a dedicated project manager and are executed from design to delivery by the engineering team in conjunction with the full resources available through the AAE Technologies Group.


Engineering support services

In addition to the bespoke, tailored engineering projects, Modulus Technology prides itself on being a multi-faceted organisation capable of undertaking and successfully completing a number of diverse engineering challenges and complementary activities.

Design & Engineering Project Managementshutterstock_268049897

The technical teams have many years of experience in various engineering disciplines in particular electronics, through-water acoustics and telemetry, mechanical and electrical engineering, software design and programming.  These skills have been successfully utilised predominantly in the field of subsea technology, however, other areas also benefit from this capability, allowing the company to provide a fully packaged engineering service from concept to completion. Post project, maintenance programmes ensure continuity of support.

Testing & Calibration Services

As well as carrying out test and calibration procedures for all AAE Technologies Group companies, Modulus Technology also has the facility to offer these services to the wider industry, either as part of a larger project or as a standalone service.  Using its in-house test facilities, Modulus Technology has the following at its disposal:

– Freshwater test tanks
– Saltwater test tanks
– Acoustic pulse test and calibration centre
– Full ocean depth hydrostatic pressure test chamber
– Low temperature test chamber
Furthermore, through its network of strategic partners, Modulus Technology can provide EMC testing, environmental testing including high temperature, high humidity and shock and vibration, and mechanical load testing and certification.

Group Technical Support

The skills and knowledge of the Modulus Technology engineering team are also being put to use as the technical support service for all of the AAE Technology Group companies – Applied Acoustic Engineering Ltd, Ensign Subsea Systems Ltd and Modulus Technology Ltd.  With wide ranging and first-hand experience with all products supplied by companies in the Group, the technical support team can offer a 24/7 remote service through a number of service contract options.

Group Field Support

Modulus Technology employs a number of highly experienced field support technicians should problems occur with any piece of the company’s equipment where remote support is not a viable option or when shipping equipment back to the nearest Service Centre is not possible.  Proficient in the service, repair and maintenance of all group products, the factory trained technicians will travel to all parts of the world to ensure that equipment is put into good working order with the minimal of downtime.

Group Training ProviderIMG_2342

Modulus Technology recognises the fact that many of its clients are skilled engineers themselves, able to look after their assets either with or without remote support.  However as technology progresses and evolves, gaps in knowledge can appear which is where the company’s training services come to the forefront.  Courses for operation, fault-finding, service and maintenance are available from Modulus Technology either in-house at the UK Headquarters or at a client’s site.  These courses can be tailored to suit the needs of individuals, or be general courses designed to provide a good overall understanding of the Group’s products.